Concept Artist

Io-Interactive is currently looking for a full-time Concept Artist to join an unannounced AAA game project.

We are prepared to accept applications from the very best talent from around the world and offer relocation packages in order to secure the right candidate for this role.

As a part of the team, you will collaborate with the Art Director to achieve the creative vision of the project. Ongoing responsibilities include: producing concepts for locations, characters and other game assets as well as working on wrapping, marketing material, etc. You will be constantly striving for the highest possible standards of style and looks.

You will be involved in the initial design of graphics and will be collaborating with the directors, leads and individual team members. Your goal is to set new standards for style and concepts in games gaining optimal resonance within the market.

Basic Roles and Responsibilities

  • Work with the Art Director to achieve the creative vision and a consistent style in the game
  • Establish style by creating concept artwork, asset production designs, and graphics visually describing characters, locations, props etc.
  • Create inspirational and trend setting storyboards, sketches, layouts and color schemes
  • Work with direction creating concepts for menus, OSD, HUD and game wrapping
  • Create concepts and make marketing material to support the production
  • Work with environment artists on early 3D visualization prototypes
  • Assist and give feedback in the actual creation of game assets like models and shaders

Required Skills

  • Accomplished Concept Artist preferably with experience of working on at least one AAA title
  • Excellent drawing and conceptualization skills with an ability to adapt to established styles
  • Understanding of fundamental illustration skills including form, composition, perspective, light and color theory
  • Understanding of surface texture, anatomy, and architecture
  • Ability to respond elegantly to difficult creative changes, often late in the process
  • Must be capable creating diverse styles
  • Digital illustration skills and an advanced understanding of Photoshop
  • Self-motivated towards solving creative problems
  • Excellent written and oral communications skills in English
  • A passion for video games is mandatory

Of Advantage

  • Fine Art or Design Education background
  • Experience in one or more 3D sculpting applications (Zbrush, Mudbox, 3DCoat, Sculptris ...)

If the above description fits your profile, please submit your application and résumé in English using our online form marking it "Concept artist".

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