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    Io-Interactive is currently looking for a full-time Animator. You will be involved in all aspects of the production from the initial design of character movement and technical considerations of implementation to collaboration with other disciplines in planning and creating the final animation.

    Concept Artist

    As our newest Concept Artist, you will collaborate with the Art Director to achieve the creative vision of the project by producing concepts for locations, characters and other game assets.

    Game Director

    Io-Interactive is currently seeking a full-time Game Director to run and manage a AAA game project. They will be working closely with producers delivering AAA content to various platforms resolving priorities of time, budget and quality.

    Gameplay Programmer

    Are you ready to take the chance of joining a team of very experienced gameplay programmers and content providers? As a gameplay programmer you are responsible for implementing gameplay features and will join the core gameplay team and work closely together with game designers, level designers, animators and tech programmers.

    Generalist Tech Programmer

    We've got an open position for a full-time Generalist Tech Programmer to join our team of very experienced programmers who work on advanced game technologies to push our AAA experiences to new heights.

    Lead Concept Artist

    Io-Interactive is currently looking for a full-time lead concept artist to join an unannounced AAA game project. We are prepared to accept applications from the very best talent from around the world and we offer relocation packages in order to secure the right candidate for this role. You will be collaborating with the game director and art director on executing the overall creative vision for the project. Your focus will...

    Outsourcing Manager

    Io-Interactive is currently seeking a full-time Outsourcing Manager to manage the Outsourcing Department and the studio’s outsourcing activities. The goal is to increase IOI’s outsourcing capabilities, streamline processes, assess production plans and reduce risks related to our projects’ outsourcing. The Outsourcing Manager reports to the Production Director and is responsible for managing the Outsourcing Department, establishing and managing partnerships, and pushing the outsourcing boundaries on all projects. Key Roles and...


    Io-Interactive is currently seeking a full-time Producer to run and manage a AAA game project team. We are looking for a strong communicator who understands all areas of game production and has a clear focus on delivering a AAA game experience. She/he needs to be very proactive and able to establish systems for planning, reporting, and controlling the progress of technical and creative work. The Producer reports to the Production...

    Render Programmer

    Join our team of Render Programmers and work with our Glacier 2 engine with a focus on making a state of the art renderer, running on multiple platforms at a stable frame rate.

    Senior Online Programmer

    Join our game team as a full-time Senior Online Programmer and help us create premium games in the Hitman franchise based on our in-house developed state-of-the-art Glacier 2 technology.