Who are we?

It’s pretty simple, really. Io-Interactive is here to deliver exciting best-in-class gaming experiences. We want our games to play and feel like the people who created them – unique and creative. It is our way of making sure that we will always deliver something interesting.

So we do a lot to foster a culture of brother- and sisterhood and we strive to be a collective of creative, productive people rather than a factory. You come to work at Io-Interactive because you want to create top-of-the-line games and because you want to be part of a company that isn’t afraid of doing things differently.

Because you will be spending a substantial amount of your day here, we do as much as we can to make IOI feel like a second home. We meet for optional breakfast every morning, have communal lunches and even dinner on those occasionally long days where we need to meet an important deadline.

On Fridays we sometimes have our Friday bar – either planned as a big thing where we run around in the building with laser guns or other fun like that – or just spontaneously started somewhere in the building. Every now and then we have IOI days where we can dig into our pet projects or attend presentations from colleagues or external experts on everything game related. It’s all about getting creative, influenced and inspired.



What is the job?

Io-Interactive is currently looking for a full-time game analyst to join our Hitman game project.

We are prepared to accept applications from the very best talent from around the world and offer relocation packages in order to secure the right candidate for this role.

As an integral part of the team, you will collaborate with the studio and game management team to execute the overall creative vision of the project. Your primary responsibility will be to help these two teams to maximize audiences and revenue by using data to improve digital products – with a focus on Hitman. Ongoing responsibilities include: working closely with the analytics and live team, providing insights and influencing the choices we make when introducing new content and improvements to the game, collaborate with designers and directors, understand their tracking needs and provide them with insights to help them improve and optimize the game experience.

You are the glue between the development teams and analytics team, knowing where and when what is needed. Your goal is to set new standards for entertainment in games.

You will develop actionable insights that drive continuous improvement in digital game experience and monetization, working closely with game management, production teams and the user research team. In addition, you will work with studio and game directors to understand their commercial inquiries, and utilizing data science, business performance analysis and proactive analysis. This to provide them with the answers they need to make well-informed, player-focused decisions emphasizing on ROI.


As Game Analyst you will create easily readable and understandable live data visualizations and ensure it is up to date and evolving with the game. You will provide deep data analysis reports on demand and present your findings, conclusions and actionable insights in a visually and communicatively clear manner. In addition, you will design and implement feature tracking design to be able to provide the right data once the feature goes live.

You will have a good overview of the tracking infrastructure and keep in contact with key technical stakeholders, to ensure the data pipeline is running smoothly at all times and identify gaps in current reporting tools and processes to collaboratively make improvements.

One of your key tasks, will be to present findings in large group settings internally and externally, at press events, trade shows, conferences, etc., including to studio and game management to develop long range plans to grow the entertainment business. You will respond to time-sensitive, ad-hoc requests to support the needs of digital product launches and provide ROI estimates for major game updates and new projects as required.


What is required?

You have extensive experience on game analytics in games or other domains and are able to use your experience to guide research on players habits and behaviours. You are analytically minded and organized and have a good understanding of what it takes to go from initial concept to a full, fun and functional game experience.

We expect you to be creative and dedicated and ask the right questions in order to develop and analyze the right material for game improvement. In addition, you are able to communicate effectively in a clear and understandable manner and conclude your findings in actionable and understandable points.



You are able to look past immediate technical constraints and work solution oriented, you are self-motivated towards solving creative problems and technical challenges and have excellent written and oral communications skills in English. It goes without saying, that you have a deep passion and enthusiasm for making and playing games. In addition, you have a good understanding of the competitive landscape.

It will be an advantage, it you have a relevant university education with a focus on mathematics, statistics and economics and code and scripting knowledge.

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