Good! We need you to help us make even better games!

Join us for a play-session volunteer and voice your opinion about our games and help us improve them for everyone else. They may even thank you for it later on.
The best part, other than playing an unreleased game before all of your friends, is that we only ask one thing of you; spend 1-3 hours playing a computer game at our headquarters in Copenhagen, Denmark at a convenient time for you. We’ll also ask you a few simple questions along the way about your experience of the game, which will help us to improve it in various ways.

Whether you play games daily, weekly or even monthly, we’re looking for players of all skill levels to get involved in our play-sessions. We guarantee a fun experience and will make sure to keep you fed and hydrated as we go. Hydration is important, folks! To let you know how much we appreciate your time, you’ll also receive a small present as a thank you.


All of our play-sessions take place at our headquarters in Copenhagen and most of them are done in Danish, so if you’re local to the area, you really have no excuse for not signing up. You don’t need to commit to anything and your answers are kept confidential and will NEVER be passed on to any third party.

Our sign-up form (in Danish) is just one click away: Sign me up!


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