HITMAN 2 - Miami Pack

Get ready for Spring Break!

HITMAN 2 – Miami Pack

April 30, 2019 Hitman, News

We’re excited to announce the HITMAN 2 Miami Pack, a great opportunity for new players to join the game for a low price and experience what that the World of Assassination has to offer, including the chance to play the high-stakes Elusive Target game mode and eliminate ‘The Undying’, played by Hollywood actor Sean Bean!

The HITMAN 2 Miami Pack is available now and includes a wealth of content and game modes including missions from the main campaign, online co-op in the Sniper Assassin Mode and 1v1 competitive mutliplayer in Ghost Mode. Plus, the Miami Pack also includes access to The Undying Returns, an Elusive Target featuring Sean Bean. This contract will only be active in HITMAN 2 from May 3 – June 3, making it the longest Elusive Target duration that we’ve had to date – but you’ll only have one chance to take down the target!

The Miami Pack is part of the “Spring Break” monthly theme for HITMAN 2 in May, where the bright sun is out and there’s a party mood in the air. All HITMAN 2 players with access to Miami will have the chance to play The Undying Returns and unlock the Flash Grenade Robot by playing the contract. They’ll also be able to play the Spring Break Challenge Pack in Miami and unlock the Blue Flamingo Outfit. There’ll also be more content reveals to come in the HITMAN 2 May Roadmap, which will be released in early May.


With the HITMAN 2 – Miami Pack, you’ll get full access to the following content:

  • Hawke’s Bay (New Zealand) location and Nightcall mission (part of the FREE Starter Pack)
  • Miami (USA) location and The Finish Line mission
  • The Undying Returns Elusive Target, featuring Sean Bean between May 3rd and June 3rd
  • Ghost Mode: Miami
  • Sniper Assassin Mode: Himmelstein
  • Spring Break Challenge Pack (unlocks the Blue Flamingo Outfit)
  • Current and future Escalation Contracts, Featured Contracts and Elusive Target contracts in Hawke’s Bay and Miami

Starting today April 30 2019, the HITMAN 2 Miami Pack will be available to download for $15 USD (or your regional equivalent). You can find the Miami Pack on PlayStation, Xbox and Steam.

The exact release time of the Miami Pack will depend on your region and platform. PS4 EU players and Xbox One players can download it at 13:00 UTC, PS4 US at 15:00 UTC, PC players at 17:00 UTC. PS4 players in Asia will get access on May 7th at 03:00 UTC and the Miami Pack will not be available on PS4 in Japan.

Miami Location

  • ‘The Finish Line’ story mission
  • An Escalation Contract
  • 20 levels of Mastery (including gear/weapon unlocks)
  • 70+ Challenges
  • Achievements & Trophies
  • A Flamingo suit unlock
  • All permanent and future content in Miami, including Elusive Targets

The Undying Returns

  • Elusive Target: The Undying
  • Location: Miami
  • Target: Mark Faba
  • Objective: Eliminate Mark Faba
  • Duration: Starts May 3, for 30 days. Ends June 2
  • Reward: Flash Robot


Can I upgrade this version with the Legacy Pack?

  • Yes! Follow the normal instruction here, to see how to redeem and install the Legacy Pack.

What happens if I already own HITMAN 2?

  • If you already own any paid edition of HITMAN 2, you naturally get access to all the new content automatically, including the Flamingo suit and The Undying Returns.
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