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HITMAN 2 – The Bank

June 7, 2019 Hitman, News

The Bank is a brand new location coming to HITMAN 2 in June! This exciting new addition is the first post-launch sandbox location that will be released as part of the Expansion Pass – and we know that players want more detail on what to expect!

This blog post will deliver all of that and more. We’ve got our best reporters on the case to make sure that we deliver all the details you’ve been asking about. We’re working on some cool ways to reveal the content and information to you and one of them is this evolving blog post which will be updated over time.

By the end of the month, you’ll find out about the location, some of the key characters you’ll encounter, your objectives, the new items and rewards you can unlock and details of some videos that we’re preparing to get you ready for release day.

Plus, our upcoming IOI Monthly livestream will give you the chance to direct your questions to some members of the team that created the level before it launches.



Owners of the HITMAN 2 Expansion Pass and Expansion Pack 1 will be able to download The Bank on June 25 2019.

The exact release timing will depend on our June Game Update that will be released on the same day. Players will need to update to the latest version of HITMAN 2 to play The Bank.

To find the new download on release day, we recommend players search for HITMAN 2 in their platform store on either PS4, Xbox One or Steam and look for all available DLC. Please note that this location will not be available for individual purchase.


After downloading The Bank on June 25th, HITMAN 2 Expansion Pass owners will have access to an entirely new location in the ‘Destination’ menu that includes The Bank mission (Golden Handshake).

The mission brings new challenges and various unlocks that can be earned through completing challenges and progression through Location Mastery levels as well as new trophies / achievements to earn. In addition to all of that, Contracts Mode will also be fully enabled from day one.

Included with ‘The Bank’:

– New Location
– New Campaign Mission: Golden Handshake
– Contracts Mode for ‘Golden Handshake’
– New Challenges, including an unlock
– Mastery Progression, including new unlocks
– New Trophies / Achievements to earn


The Bank comes fully loaded with its own Mastery Progression full of rewards and unlocks. Each level of location mastery that you reach will unlock either a new Starting Location, Agency Pickup or tool/weapon for your inventory to change the way you approach the mission. You’ll also be able to take your new unlocks to other missions!

We’ve also got a brand new Starting Suit for Agent 47 that can be unlocked through Location Mastery. A true classic, this double-breasted trench coat is the ideal fit for the demanding big city assassin. Stylish, timeless and practical.

Below you’ll see more details on the Location Mastery and what you can unlock – later in June.


Level 2 – Small Goldbar (Melee)

Level 3 – First Floor Mezzanine (Starting Location)

Level 4 – Waiting Area Bathroom (Hidden Stash)

Level 5 – ICA Remote Flash Device (Explosive)

Level 6 – First Floor Janitor Room (Agency Pickup)

Level 7 – Audit Hall (Starting Location)

Level 7 – Second Floor Bathroom (Hidden Stash)

Level 8 – Deposit Box (Hidden Stash)

Level 9 – Deposit Box Room (Starting Location)

Level 10 – Customized Bartoli 12G (Shotgun)

Level 11 – Investment Floor (Starting Location)

Level 12 – Executive Floor (Agency Pickup)

Level 13 – Garage ( Starting Location)

Level 14 – Vault Loading Bay (Agency Pickup)

Level 15 – Name Redacted with Gloves (Suit)


When Agent 47 arrives at the bank, he’ll have multiple objectives to complete in order to call his mission a success.

Stay tuned for more details about these objectives.




At some point before we launch The Bank, we’re lining up a glorious launch trailer that will show you more of The Bank and introduce you to some of the key characters and opportunities that you’ll encounter.

Make sure to watch the full launch trailer for The Bank later in June.





The excitement of experiencing a new Hitman level for the first time starts with the briefing video. You can expect the reassuring tones of Diana’s voice and a full introduction to the level and its characters.

We’re currently planning to lift the lid on the “Golden Handshake Briefing Video” on our next episode of IOI Monthly on June 24, where you can also expect some developer insights and get your questions answered.

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The Bank is only the highlight of a jam-packed month in HITMAN 2. There’s plenty more to look forward to as we move towards the end of the month, including two Special Assingments.

Get the full rundown of everything that’s arriving in June through our dedicated June Roadmap blog post and remember to keep checking back to this post for more reveals.