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We were very happy to invite the team from Noclip into our Copenhagen office to create a documentary all about IOI and Hitman. For 2 days, Danny and Jeremy had (almost) free rein of the entire studio to film, explore and get to know more about IOI; what we do, why we do it and how it all comes together into our games.

They spoke with various members of the team and it all ended up with a 4-part documentary series that details some key elements of our games – but also the people that make them.

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Unsolicited Applications

Want to work at IOI but none of the available positions fit your profile? Don’t worry! Send us an unsolicited application and we’ll have a look. We’re always looking for highly talented people to join us and if you’re bringing unique talents to the table, we’re very keen on seeing what we can work out together. Don’t be a stranger!

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Interested in an internship? Send us an application and we’ll have a look. We normally advertise our open internships on the Careers page but that shouldn’t stop you at all. If you’ve got an interesting thesis project or something similar that you’d like to explore with us, please get in touch and we’ll see what happens.

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