We are IO Interactive

It’s simple. IO Interactive is here to deliver exciting world class entertainment, and we want our games to play and feel like the people who created them. It is our way of making sure that we will always deliver something unique and interesting. This requires not only lots of work but also lots of guts, talented people and a great working environment and we do our utmost to have all of this.

We’re doing as much as we can to make IOI feel like a second home. We meet in the morning and share breakfast, eat lunch together and party together. On Fridays we sometimes have our Friday bar – either planned as a big thing where we run around in the building with laser guns – or just spontaneously started somewhere in the building. Every now and then we have IOI days where we can dig into our pet projects or attend presentations from colleagues or external experts on everything game related.

Around Christmas, we usually have the house full of all our kids making ginger bread houses and paper cuttings. In the summertime there are often football games going on and board game nights where we just go totally analogue.

And sometimes, we just work!


To guide us every day in achieving our goals, we have set out these four promised-based values. These values will steer our work and set out what can be expected from us.


Company Information

Working at IO Interactive means immersing yourself in a huge team of more than 28 nationalities working in both our offices: Copenhagen (Denmark) and Malmö (Sweden). We know that the gaming world is in constant change – and so is IOI – but no matter what we do, we can assure you that it will not be boring.

In November 2016, we opened the doors to our new development studio in the heart of Copenhagen and unveiled a new company logo that represents our step into the digital world. After many years at our previous studio, where we created and released many games, we have moved across the city to a new, ultra-modern studio that will be our new home.
In January 2019, we opened the doors to our new office in the center of Malmö, Sweden. The new is meant to strengthen IO Interactive’s commitment to deliver exceptional content to the HITMAN franchise and more titles, community and all our fans. We are thrilled to bring our own unique IOI culture to this amazing town. Read more here.

The Copenhagen office has an on-site motion capture studio, canteen and kitchen plus a whole variety of spaces for all different kinds of work. From meeting rooms named after our games, to chill-out areas and everything else we need for day-to-day work, both offices in Malmö and Copenhagen are equipped to host and foster a great working environment.

It was also important for us to have a studio that is fun to be in and that can spark creativity at almost every corner. That’s why we’ve made sure that both our offices in Malmö and Copenahgen are equally prepared for spontaneous table-football tournaments or high-score competitions on arcade machines.