In November 2016, we opened the doors to our new development studio in the heart of Copenhagen. After many years at our previous studio, where we created and released many games, we moved across the city to a new, ultra-modern studio that is now our home

Green, clean, and relaxed

Bicycles…bicycles everywhere. Just as the rest of Denmark, Copenhageners see renewable energy and taking care of the environment as an essential way of life. With its goal to become the first carbon-neutral city, everyone in Copenhagen recycles and rides a bike, while public transportation is also energy-based and well connected. Bicycle lanes are a priority, because it is the fastest means of transport.

Family and work-life balance

With a 37-hour work week and flexible working hours, it is ingrained in the Danish work culture
that family, spare time, hobbies and a relaxed lifestyle are just as important as work.
That is why you will find balance between work and the life you have outside working hours.
Your managers get it, and you will get used to it too.


Security, comfort and welfare

Is Copenhagen pricy? Maybe. But the system works. You see every penny you pay in taxes go towards the welfare and public system that you are expected to use as much as you want: public health insurance, smart infrastructure, education, research, safety and digitalized systems for making your life easier. Trust is also essential. That’s why Denmark keeps its place as top contender in those World Happiness Reports.

International, booming urban hub

Street parties, large music festivals and a cultural scene with more events than fit your calendar. There is something for every art lover and every age.

Moreover, English is a language everyone speaks, and it is absolutely everything you need in Denmark. From clerks, to children and elderly people, everyone speaks English fluently.

We have 28 different nationalities in our Copenhagen studio, specialists from all corners of the world who relocated here, with family or alone, to work at IOI. Many formed very strong friendships and spend time together outside of work. English is truly our official language and you’ll even catch our Danish employees speaking English between themselves.

Our Malmö studio is a stone-throw away!

A 30-minute train ride away is the cozy and game industry capital of Sweden, Malmö – home of our newest studio.

We'll help you relocate to Copenhagen

We are looking for the best talent, no matter where in the world. That is why we will help you relocate without the hassle, no matter if you make the move on your own or with your spouse or family. If you live outside of Denmark or Sweden, we offer a relocation package to help you get settled in and not worry about practicalities:

  • VISA support
  • Our relocation company will take care of your paperwork for working in Denmark
  • Help finding you find an apartment, set up meetings with rental companies, and check the lease contract. Full support from start to key handover.
  • Tax office registration
  • Finding a bank and setting up a bank account
  • Social insurance application
  • Area and orientation tour
  • 3-month temporary accommodation, paid by IOI
  • Permanent home finding (rent or property)

Benefits as an employee:

  • Pension scheme – 3% on top of salary
  • Free private healthcare insurance, besides the public one
  • 6 weeks yearly vacation, on top of national holidays
  • Work-life balance: working hours are flexible and if you have to run errands, have personal or family matters to deal with before or after work, you can take the time and recover it another day, at your own call
  • Spouse integration, social and career help program
  • Having children? We love IOI babies! Following a 6 month employment with IO Interactive, we give you full salary (besides the government support):
    • 4 weeks before birth + 24 weeks after
    • Paid first child sick day

Office fun:

  • Breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack every day, and our own kitchen, canteen, chef and kitchen staff.
  • Every Friday is Friday Bar! Finish work earlier and have a beer or soda with your colleagues at the end of a workweek. Our fridges are always stocked.
  • Gaming lounge with large game library, consoles, PCs, VR, Oculus Rift and more
  • You can borrow games from our large collection to play in the comfort of your home
  • We have a dedicated Party Committee that organizes plenty of themed parties, movie nights and gaming competitions
  • Board game nights
  • Large Christmas and summer parties so you can get to socialize with even more people
  • Family Christmas day – A cozy event once a year, where IOI employees bring their family and decorate gingerbread, make Christmas tree decorations, and eat traditional Danish goodies
  • Discounts for various restaurants, wine & coffee shops, and hotels as an IOI employee