We are looking for a 3D Generalist who knows the ins and outs of working with a game engine.

New and exciting stuff is waiting for HITMAN, and let’s just say we will be making many cut-scenes. That includes up to 60 different mini-environments for scenes that are essential to the story, but that will not exist in the game.

We use these to get our players hooked on the game story. This is where your specialist eye comes into play.

What you will do:

  • You will be building cinematic environments in level and potentially re-texturing and importing assets into G2.
  • There are many tasks you will required for, like changing a character’s outfit, etc., that currently require us to go to Game Design or to FX. We’d like you to know or learn some of these workarounds and become more and more proficient and knowledgeable in G2.
  • In this role you will be an important member of the cinematics team. More than anything, you will need to work with our Glacier 2 engine (G2), improving the in-game aspects of what we do: most of all, the environments and lighting.

Who you are:

  • You are currently an environment artist, lighting artist, or a level designer who has artistic talent and wants to be involved with storytelling.
  • You are an experienced 3D artist, with around 4+ years of experience.
  • You have worked with game engines before.
  • Have knowledge of 3D packages.
  • Have worked with Motion Builder.
  • You must have at least a good basic sense of cinematic lighting.

We would love it if you were:

  • Familiar with After Effects.
  • Familiar with Da Vinci Resolve.

Who we are:

Who we are:

A team, above all. If you join our studio, expect to be encouraged, listened to and have your efforts and creative impact recognized and valued. We take pride in the friendly haven we built at IOI, and we expect you to take part in cultivating that. You will be part of a crazy-good team of cinematic artists that live and breathe storytelling, who are eager to have you on board!

We would love to see some examples as part of your portfolio. So please include that, along with your CV.

If you have any questions, please email Marina, at marinas@ioi.dk. We are looking forward to your applications!

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