We are looking for a sound designer who has worked on one or more AAA games. You’re creative, inspiring and a visionary for how a high-level sound design creation and implementation strategy should look like. Your team will look at you for inspiration, experience and skill, while you push yourself to learn more, teach more and strive for the sound design at IOI to always be at the highest standard of the industry.

Interactive sound is what you feed off of – you observe how things around you interact with sound, and the melody behind that.

You love video games. You know well those few, in-game moments, where ambiance and environment react in such perfect harmony, that hairs stand on end. That moment binds a feeling to the gameplay that you remember many years after. Your goal is to recreate that thrill through sound and share it with millions of players worldwide.

If you’ve been frantically nodding at this description since you started reading it, we are willing to consider your experience and welcome you for the long run as our Senior Sound Designer!


What you will do:

  • Work closely with our lead sound designer and senior producer to set out the audio process.
  • Continuously take ownership for producing major pieces of work of high importance and value to any game projects you will be part of.
  • Design sound effects and audio assets from pre-recorded material, or create them through synthesis and recording. You will then equally improve and implement them in our proprietary tools, with a close ear on the combined game experience.
  • As a senior designer, you will also be a mentor, specialist and teach for the team, championing sound design for the studio and encourage other areas of game development to partake and be aware of the importance sound plays in the game experience overall.
  • Promote and nurture cohesiveness in the sound design team, and encourage them by example to be progressively more involved with other game development areas.
  • Get to be part of it all – from initial design and technical considerations of sound implementation, to collaboration with different teams involved in game development.
  • Be a core part of delivering interactive audio and solutions, that match our tradition of outstanding, immersive game experiences.

Who you are:

  • You are a communicator, able to passionately talk to anyone about sound and have a flair for persuading others to believe in the impact of excellent in-game sound.
  • You are eager to get creative with your craft, sociable, fun to be around and enjoy both sharing your knowledge and learning from your team.
  • You are so familiar with the ballgame of interactive sound design, that you move through logic scripting, audio assets and mixing with impressive dexterity.
  • You are relentlessly improving sound, creating prototypes, implementing and have a knack for communicating your creative choices.
  • You have +5 years’ experience designing sound for games, and have done so for at least one AAA title.
  • You are highly versed in implementing sound by scripting in Frostbite, Unreal, Unity or any AAA game engine.
  • You are a virtuoso of Wwise and/or FMOD.
  • You have a Bachelor or Master in sound/audio design or similar work experience.

Who we are:

A team, above all. If you join our studio, expect to be encouraged, listened to and have your efforts and creative impact recognized and valued. We take pride in the friendly haven we built at IOI, and we expect you to take part in cultivating that. You will be part of a high-caliber team of sound designers that live and breathe sound and state-of-the art game design, who are eager to have you on board!

The position is located in Copenhagen. Please include a portfolio with your application that showcases in-game examples of your sound design and implementation.

We welcome applicants from all over the world and we are looking forward to hearing from you!

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